Cilantro Café all over Egypt

Cilantro Café all over Egypt

‘Made in Egypt’ Cilantro is the largest local Egyptian coffeehouse chain with 34 outlets all over the country. Italian style coffee, whether espresso, a cappuccino or a Latte Frappe, tea, hot chocolate, fresh juices or pastries, salads, sandwiches Cilantro is a good place to hang out. The brownies are particularly delicious. Waiters are always smiling – and for all they listen to your special requests before they comment. Service is efficient and prompt.

Usually the Cilantro Cafés are packed with people from all ways of life. People are chatting over a fresh brewed coffee and pastries, some study; others use the free WiFi Internet connection. Cilantro is more than a café, it is a meeting place.

Above all the Cilantro chain is active in community service projects and charity work. As long as quality is not compromised Cilantro chooses small local suppliers for its pastries and food products. Another reason to pick a Cilantro for your coffee.

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